Virtual and Augmented Reality in Design for Manufacture
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Design for Manufacture
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Design for Manufacture

Context/background of project;
Parallel to rapid change and development in technology, expectations of the qualifications and competencies of vocational education learners who will use this technology are increasing. This situation can be evaluated in terms of employees in factories and in the context of new technological adaptation. In particular, the rate of discarded products resulting from employee errors can sometimes reach levels that will pose a threat to companies. 

Objectives of the project;
The objectives of this project is to develop a curriculum, implementation program and materials for designing an innovative course covering technical drawing, geometrical tolerances and assembly under "design for manufacture" subjects targeting mechanical engineering by using VR-AR technologies. 

Description of activities;
The activities to be held under the project are short term staff training and long term teaching activities. The project will provide a significant advantage through the use of digital technologies in design for manufacture course in institutions providing vocational high schools, vocational schools, engineering faculties and machinery manufacturing sector in our country and all over the world. 

Number and profile of participants;
Training groups will consist of Vocational High School Mechanical Department, Vocational High School Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department and Engineering Faculty Machine Department students. The number of the learners are expected to be 75. In total 10 trainers will attend a short term joint staff training activity in UK.

Methodology and impact
The project will improve learner’s skill to face the training of manufacturing subjects and the quality of training methodologies. It will also foster international cooperation between institutions involved in educating for professionals connected with manufacturing sector. The project will have the possibility to test innovative training methodologies, tools and good practices for manufacturing students and employees. It will have more motivation in take part to the training and develop their professional competencies.

The project is expected to increase the quality of technical drawings, standards and tolerance trainings using VR / AR technologies in the fields of machine manufacturing sector in all levels of vocational education institutions. The material and methodology to be developed will respond to the needs of vocational schools, vocational schools and universities and educational centres at the local level. It is expected that the use of virtual reality applications in education will increase the level of comprehension and persistent knowledge of the learners, indirectly shortening the training period and decreasing the education costs both in the schools and in the schools. These educational technologies to be developed are felt at the same level in all countries and are also known to be serious in the world. In this regard, the partners of the UK and Bulgaria declare that they feel the importance and sensitivity of the matter in the same countries as ours.

Potential longer term benefits;
Technical Drawing and Tolerance training is given to institutions providing training for machine manufacturing sector in our country and all over the world. Learners at these institutions; Vocational schools, vocational schools, engineering faculties and all the employees in the sector, from work to engineering. Therefore, the scope of the project is not only the countries belonging to the institutions and project partners in our country but also the vocational education institutions all over the world.